What best describes my approach to artistic expressions is not where I started, but my forty six years of studying the physical and mechanical properties of the materials I chose to work with. My patent on a fusible clay body with glass reflects how the qualities of two different materials can be combined in artistic form. My glass work has explored many applications of the fusion of both glass and clay.

      Sixteen years of waterjet cutting architectural, technical, and museum glass has enabled me to work with a wide variety of materials: stainless steel, aluminum, stone, wood, glass, tile, and more. The Waterjet Design side of my business has not only given me an understanding of many new materials, but opened up connections with other support fabricators, as well as an avenue to work with and fabricate for many artists, designers, and architects.

      I enjoy designing my own work as much as I like assisting other artists with fabrication, design, engineering, and budget. Visit my Waterjet Design Fabrication Assitance Page for more information.

      My most recent work is not glass, but a sixteen foot, 1000 lb. stainless steel sculpture, "The Trinity". This project was an exploration of the engineering and physical properties of a three dimensional structure, and to my delight, a profound and revelatory experience with an artistic expression of worship.